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Liver Shunt & Heart Murmur

My 5 year-old Shih Tzu, was diagnosed with portosytemic liver shunt and also heart murmur (its was between 3-4),a month ago, and was taking  antibiotics, lasix, and lactulose.  One day he was doing ok.. the other, he was disoriented, unbalanced, and confused.  We noticed that friday night he had the same symptoms but he was also drooling a lot.  Sunday we went to bed and i saw him walking in circles, going to various places with his head down, drooling a lot, really in bed shape.  I woke up 2:00 am Monday morning and found him crashed on the floor of my bathroom.  Monday afternoon, we took him back to the vet and he said that his heart murmur is between 4-5.  He said that there is not much we can do about it.  My husband is not willing to pay for him to have an specialist to take a look at my puppy.  The vet said that the operation could fix his problem with his liver, but that his heart isnt good and there is maybe nothing that we can do because the 2 major organs of his body is shutting down.. I don't know what to do. I hate to see him not able to function right, not able to walk normal ( he has no balance and strength in his legs). I'm lost!  I've been crying for 24 hours already.  My husband and also the vet said that is maybe time to let him go.  But Lucky (that's his name), responds when i call him. Even sick the way he is, he gets up and go to where he is supposed to make pee and # 2. I can't think about letting Lucky go now.. Lucky is my baby.  I love him too much. My kids do also. Lucky makes me happy; makes me company when no ones is home; sleeps in our bed; he protects me.   Please, let me know what do you think.  Is it time to let him go?  I need someone to help me!! Thank you.
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I am so sorry you are going through this. I can feel your pain.
Taking him to a specialist might help...but then again, you may well get the same answer your vet gave you. That surgery is possible, but very very risky because of his heart condition.
There is only one very thin shred of hope I can think of, and that is a new anesthetic which is now being used on dogs. But this may be impossible, and the surgery may well still be too dangerous for your little one. However, take a look at a recent post, scroll down this page till you come to:
"Update on Julie, my Poodle who has Cushings etc.
by Sandra_G, Oct 28, 2009"

All I can suggest is you could discuss this with your vet. Do not necessarily expect it to be possible, but ask, anyway.

I am so sorry, but it might be time to prepare yourself to let him go. There's no easy answer. I can feel what you must be feeling. I hope that others here might be able to offer you some help and advice.
God bless, and hugs for your little one.
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Thank you again, Ginger.  I will take a look at that post you had mentioned.  We pick up Lucky from the vet today. He stayed overnight there where he put him on IV and injected some antibiotic on him.  He seems much better. I still have hope!  

I've been searching over the net and found some low protein homemade diet. I also had some wonderful people e-mailed me with recipes. I will start to cook for Lucky and I have faifh that he will live longer.

Thank you very much to respond to my post. You always provide people with so much help. I really appreciate it. :)
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