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Liver problems

My dog Caylee has an enlarged liver and has had urinary problems for over a year now.  We took Caylee to the vet last Friday for another urinary problem and the vet said her abdomen has fluid in it.  She is continuing to get bigger and I would like to know if there is something I can do to help her.  My husband is not ready to put her to sleep yet as Caylee and him spend 24/7 together.  She seems to have a little trouble breathing and she is not as perky as she used to be but when she gets up in the morning she seems to be alittle more peppy especially when her best friend (my husband) comes to pet her!  I don't know what to do, this is killing both of us!  We have no children, she is our baby!!  Does anyone have any suggestions??

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My dog had an enlarged liver etc...it was due to heart disease that after time because of the way her heart pumped it hurt other organs.  However, there was plenty of medication that helped her for many years.  The heart disease wasn't the reason for putting her down.  She was put down because of renal failure which had nothing to do with her heart.  She went on 5 years with heart disease and did just fine...just something to check into to.
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My small poodle has had unirary problems as long as we've had him.  He drinks and pees much too much. (No reason ever found)  He also HAD Liver problems in the beginning.(Liver enzymes continued to elevate with every blood test). I did eventually get them back to normal range with medication. It took awhile.  Did your vet offer any meds. for her liver? They DO work. I suspect that the trouble breathing is the fluid retention. She needs Lasix. (Even if has nothing to do with the heart). Yes, they add to the pee-pee problem, but trust me, they are worth the trouble!  My, little guy was finally diagnosed with heart failure. He's on meds. and doing good. He was given 6mos. to live and we just passed the 9mo. mark. Although all of this sounds heartbreaking, we have been very blessed, even with all the medical issues. I pulled this guy from a shelter, within moments of him going to the gas chamber. He was not adopted because of age and illness. He was not to survive the weekend as he was so very sick. I could not leave him, so I brought him home to die here. That was 2 years, 2mos. & 1wk. ago. Yes, I count his life by days!  :)  Always have. He just turned 12.  I would be glad to share with you which meds. worked the best (For Liver), but I don't know if we can post those on a public forum. If you or anyone else knows, I'd like to hear. Also, I remember my vet saying that she also treated severe Liver problems with Vit. A. I never had to go this far, but it may be something to look into. Again, there is help for your furbaby, don't give up............
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My vet said that I would have to send Caylee to the College (MSU) for tests to see what exactly is going on.  She didn't really offer up much other than that.  Caylee is 12 yrs old and she suggested I put her down.  Howard and I are just not ready for that.  She is still a somewhat happy dog.  The vet only gave us antibiotics for her urinary infection.  So I guess from here it is a waiting game.  I will give her tons of lovin and try to make her as happy as possible.  I called the vet yesterday asking about a diaretic (spelling?) she said she would prescibe one but she said without a diagnosis that it could aggrevate the bloating that Caylee has.  

Caylee has been a gift to us.  Her original owners gave her away and Howard's brother ended up with her and he kicked her out!  Howard works where Caylee lived (just down the road from where we lived) and always paid attention to her.  Once she found out that we lived just down the road she never stayed home, we would wake up in the morning and look out the window and she'd be sleeping in the dirt outside our house!!  And she has made us so happy just being Caylee!!!
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Penny,  Is the college at MSU something that your able to do?  I'm a little concerned that your vet suggested putting her down without even knowing whats wrong with her....Have you used this vet for awhile and do you trust her?  Could you get a second opinion with another vet, or do you live in a Rural area (As I do) where there is not another?  Also a thought: Did they do bloodwork with your original visit? How did it look? Were Liver enzymes good or bad?  Has she been on the antibiotics for awhile with the urinary problems?  They can also damage the liver.  However, again, there are products available to strenghten the liver and filter toxins out no matter what the cause. I'm just not happy with your vets response.......Please know, that I will keep Caylee and you and your husband in my prayers.  I hope everything works out...Please, keep us posted.....Karla
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I want you to know that my Tiffy was told that she had less than a year to live after a heart sonogram.  She went on for 4 more years and her death was not due to her heart, but more about her kidneys.  So, ignore what the doctor said (as you are) and just enjoy and cherish every day.  
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Thank you for this information...That gives me some hope.......I know it hasn't been long since you lost your baby. You have my sympathies. I am so sorry. You must have done an amazing job for her to live that long!  Wow!!!!!  If you feel you can, I would love to know what medications she took, herbs, oils, food she ate, etc.  If you feel you can't, I understand. Any information sure would increase my knowledge databank.  :)   *Tiffy, you were loved alot....I can tell.................Karla
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I am not happy with my vets response either.  The office I go to has multiple doctors so I don't always have the same one.  They never went over the blood test results with me.  And never suggested any liver meds either.  

Caylee had a seizure in Jan. 2007, my husband rushed her to the vet, they did tests and took an xray and gave her an antibiotic.  Ever since that seizure every 2 -3 months she has had infections in her urinary tract.  They never investigated why (as far as I know).  The vet also told me that her liver was bigger than a normal one but never suggested any testing for that either.

We hope that Caylee passes peacefully with Howard and I giving her the pets she lives for.  I want to thank you for your concern and your prayers for us all.  I need all the help I can get to get thru this, as does my husband.

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