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Loose stool problem

Our 5 y/o field spaniel has had problems with loose stool on and off for the two years he's been with us.  He's been through blood work, xray to rule out foreign bodies, homeopathic meds, among other things.  He also has allergies, receives allergy shots, and is fed Wellness fish and sweet potatoes.  We've been adding pumpkin out of the can and white rice to his feed but the problem persists.  I've learned about the use of FortiFlora and read on this website about adding to his dry feed yogurt with live acidophilus culture.  What would be the best course of action now?  If we go with FortiFlora or yogurt should I end the use of the pumpkin and rice?
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Have you ever thought about feeding raw food diet as many dogs who have allergies enjoy a great life on Raw.  I am not sure where you are but the loose stools will disappear and it is all natural which is good for your pets internal system.
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If you have taken your dog to the vet and tried numerous other things, if your dog does not have diaohorrea to the extent that he is dehydrated then I really don't think loose stools are a huge concern.  They are to you because you care about your dog.  Does the vet have any particular type of food he recommends?  Our 12 yr old Akita is arthritic and she eats J/D - joint diet and it seems to help.  Dogs can be pretty picky when it comes to food.

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