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Low platelets, high WBC's

It seems my dog had tonsillitis for quite a while before it was diagnosed and he was started on antibiotics.  When the antibiotics did not seem to help...he still was not eating and he became lethargic, sleeping most of the day, then blood tests were done.  Blood work showed that he had low platelets, low red blood cells and low hemoglobin.  His liver and  kidneys tests were normal.  An x-ray showed nothing unusual, lungs were clear, heart and liver normal size.  

My vet started him on Medrol (a steriod) and clavomax the second antibiotic to treat his tonsillitis.  (He had already taken Primor for ten days, and then took Clavamox for an additional 14 days.)  The Medrol is to increase his platelets.

Two weeks later, Dougal (my 19 pound, 10 1/2year old mixed breed...the smaller of the two in the posted picture) is eating well (thanks to the steriod).  His red blood cells and hemoglobin increased and is in normal range, but despite the Medrol, his platelets have not changed.  They are still low at 45, with 170 - 400 being normal range.  In addition to this bad news, I was told that NOW (not present on his first CBC blood work) he has elevated white blood cells...my vet thinks he may have a blood infection.  I think of septicemia when I hear this, but my dog is eating, and although not his old self, he is still fairly active (although I give the credit to the steroid he is taking.  

I see the vet today to pick up two more antibiotics.

Has anyone had a similar experience?  Can anyone make a suggestion?  I am sick with worry.  At this point my dog's blood work shows there is a serious problem, but my dog still has strength and appears okay.  I want to be sure I do everything I can before it is too late.  I wonder if he should be getting intervenous antibiotics.  I wonder if I should be taking him to a university vet.  It is difficult for me to do this at this time because I am recovering from recent surgery and I'm unable to travel the distance to a university.  

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!  Thank you,  Karen
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