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Lump in my dogs neck

I noticed the last day or so my dogs skin seem to be drooping like a double chin under his jaw an when I was petting him I noticed a hard lump just below his jaw in his neck. Now it seems his whole right side is swollen and now his eyelid is swollen an our vet cant see him till next week. He is a Minnature Pinscher four years old. he is still eating an drinking normally an doesnt seem to bother him
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It sounds as if he has a swollen lymph node. There can be a few different causes for this. The simplest cause can be an infected tooth, or a minor infection. Though an infected tooth would normally cause a dog to be wary of eating.
But there are also more serious causes. So the best thing would be to try and see a vet as soon as you can, for this swelling to be examined.
This would probably wait till early next week, (?) (I am not at all sure of that)...but the best solution would be to get him seen by a vet as soon as possible.
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