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Lump near dog's penis

I have a 4 month old male yellow lab. He was just to the vet last Thursday and everything checked out fine. This weekend, my fiance informed me of a lump he had seen near his penis. I looked, its about 2cm long by about 1cm wide. It literally looks like the bump is going to pop. I do not see any kind of head on it to say its a pimple or ingrown hair. I know my vet most likely won't be able to get him in this week. We leave for vacation Thursday and I just wanted some input as to what it could possibly be. Its hard, and pink. He doesnt seem to be in any pain..hes acting fine..still eating, drinking, peeing, pooping..all that good stuff...he is acting like there is absolutely nothing wrong. Hes not licking it either, its like its not even there to him. Thanks for any answers.
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What does the lump feel like? If you feel it, can you kind of 'lift' it up underneath the skin and wobble it around? Has it got distinct, rounded edges to it? When you do this feeling around, how is he with that? Does he show any pain when you do?

If it's not 'attached' to anything underneath, and wobbles around under the skin it most likely is a cyst. This can wait a little while as it's not critical, but it's still wise to get the vet to check it out.

If he winces or shows pain when you feel at it, or if it has begun to look angry or inflamed, then it could be an abscess, and will need draining

If this lump feels hard, attached like it has 'roots', slightly knobbly perhaps (though not always) then it could be something that needs to come off asap.

The best thing of course, is to take him to the vet for it to be looked at professionally.
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Was the lump your husband saw along the shaft of the penis and was there another one on the other side?   If so, you are likely seeing the bulbous glands of the dog, which generally show up when the puppy is "excited"

The bulbous glands are what help tie the male and female dog during copulation and are often mistaken by owners as "testicles the vet missed during neutering".  Of course, these aren't testicles, but they do appear as large lumps on either side of the penis and they are very hard.

Again, without seeing what you are seeing, I am just guessing, but this might be something for you to consider.
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i too this morning noticed two small hardish lumps along side my 8month old puppies penis... they are fairly hard and much higher along side the ball sacks, i felt them to see if Alfie is in pain and he wasnt bothered at all, however when i felt them they vanished but then within 5 minutes re-appeared, is this normal or should i get him to a vet?

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No Linzi...I think what you are describing are exactly what I mentioned above...the bulbous glands of the puppy.

Obviously, I can't see the puppy, but your description is almost identical to what I see with my male puppy when he gets excited.

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My dogs gt 1 hard lump on the shaft of his penis wat is this
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That sounds like what the vet above just described, which is called the "Bulbus Glandis" It is a gland which swells quite large and round-ish, and is usually about half way up the dog's penis. It shows up when the dog gets an erection, and goes away when the penis goes back to flaccid again.
It does sound like this. Is that what you find happens? That it swells up, then disappears minutes or so later?
If so, that's perfectly natural and nothing to worry about at all.

The purpose of the "Bulbus Glandis" is that during mating, this gland swells, and kind of 'fixes' the penis quite firmly inside the female, while the dogs go into what is called a "tie" (when they get stuck together back-end to back-end, sometimes for up to twenty minutes)  This gives her a really good chance of getting pregnant.
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