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Lump on dog now bleeding!

My 7 year old black lab has a lump on the back of his neck where he received an inoculation as a puppy.  The lump developed within days and has never caused any problems. Well....  a few days ago I noticed it appeared to have bled.  I thought I'd caught it with his Furminator so cleaned it up and it was 'fine'. Tonight I noticed his hair in that area looked clumped together and I can see where blood has come thru the hair follicle openings.  I'm very concerned!  I'll call the Vet first thing tomorrow and try to get him in but any ideas?
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Besides the vet, I suggest cleaning the area gently with a soft warm cloth, this should remove any dreid blood, pus, or dirt that may be present.  I don't recommend doing anything more than that, as your vet may have his own ideas as to what needs to be done.  God Bless - Blu
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Thanks Blu! That's exactly what I did. He's running around the house with his toys and begging for food like a pup but it still concerns me that this might be something serious.  God bless YOU!
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Hopefully, it is just a cyst or something that firmed at the injection site.  It may have to be cut out.
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That's what I'm hoping, too!  Doc is not the one who gave the original shot but he has checked the lump every year.  We have a AWESOME, loving, kind, amazing vet. He would have seen Scooter middle of the night if I'd asked.  He actually spent his Christmas Eve and Day saving a friend's puppy!
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Doc touched the lump and it 'burst'.  He's having surgery to remove the cyst and a drain put in right now.  Wow......   I can hopefully bring him home this afternoon.  
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Good to hear, hope they get all of it.
Not all that unusual fir an abscess to firm at an injection site.  What a mess that can be.  
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I had no idea!  He did use the word abscess instead of cyst.  

Thanks!  I'll let you know how it goes!
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Scooter is home with two drains in the back of his neck. Surgery went well.  They removed the large cyst and the abscessed that had formed around it. While he was under, Doc Win went ahead and cleaned his teeth and trimmed his nails at NO CHARGE.  Love this group.....  Even with bring home meds and free re-checks over the next week or two, the cost was extremely reasonable!

So........ we're good to go!  Thank the LORD!  
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Glad all went well, just had the drains.  Did he tell you to irrigate it a couple of times a day?
Wow, that was nice of him, ESP the teeth cleaning!!!
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They said to keep the drains cleaned with betadine and Q-tips so it will continue to drain.  They'll remove the drains on Saturday and the stitches sometime next week.   He said they completely cleaned out the abscess and removed the full cyst.  His incision is about 4 1/2 inches.
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Final Update:  Scooter's wound is all healed and the swelling is gone.  His hair is growing back and only a white line remains from the surgery.  So happy things turned out well and our wonderful vet in Villa Rica, Georgia was quick to react and possibly save Scooter's life.  

Biopsy showed scar tissue from the vaccination site and abscess but no cancer cells.  God is good!
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Great news and so glad you did the responsible thing to get that checked.
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