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Lump on hind leg

My dog Champ who is a yellow lab is 7 years old. He has a lump on his back leg, like on his hip. It is the size of a golf ball, it seems a little swishy but I am not for sure. I noticed it about 1 month ago and just didnt think anything of it, thinking it would go away, well its not gone. He has an apt. this Friday with his vet. I am wondering what it could be, the first thought that comes to my mind is cancer! I am wondering if there is anything else it could be? He is an outside dog so he wanders freely (we hae 20 acres) so I dont know if he could have picked something up. . I dont want to spend a lot of $ to get it looked at so I dont know what I should do. . Please Help!
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I am so sorry your post went down the line and kind of got missed! That can happen sometimes if a lot of questions come in at once.

The lump could be many things, doesn't have to be cancer. I have frogotten the percentage now, but the percentage of non-cancerous lumps is a LOT higher than those that are cancerous. But I can understand you are worried. You are for sure doing the right thing, and getting this lump checked out at the vet's.

Whatever the lump turns out to be, the vet will suggest surgery if it is either pressing on surrounding tissues, causing discomfort, appears to be growing in size, or appears possibly suspicious. If removal is suggested, I would go along with that. The surgery will not take long, and he may feel a little sore afterwards, but dogs bounce back very quickly. As for $....I cannot tell you what that will cost, but if it's in your Champ's best interests, it is better to be done.

On the other hand, some lumps can be left exactly as they are. If it's a Lipoma, (or fatty lump) it may not need to be removed. That depends on whether it is growing fast, and/or putting pressure on surrounding tissues, or restricting movement.

Anyway, good luck for Friday! Please do post back, if you get time, let us know how he's doing.
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Thank you! I will post back after tomorrow. :)
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My dog went in this morning, The vet. looked at the lump and said she's pretty sure its just a fatty deposit but she took a sample just to be sure. She told me no news is good news. About an hour after we got home she called and told me that yes, Champ (my dog) does in fact have cancer! Scary stuff, He goes in on Sept. 28th to get the lump removed. My poor little Champ. :( I am hoping after the lump is removed he will be fine and live a loooong and happy doggy life!
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Well I am sorry to hear that. But hopefully you have caught that lump early, let's hope too that when it's taken off, they can take it all out! You could also enquire about the possibility of follow-up Radio-therapy treatment? It is generally easier to tolerate than Chemotherapy, and just IF there happen to be any stray cells after surgery,may just blast them to Kingdom come.

I too wish your Champ a long and happy healthy life yet!
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Thank you very much. :)
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Hello: my dog has a soft lump on the back hind leg. I'm concerned about it. Can you tell me what happened after you had it removed? Was it really expensive?
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I rescued a pit bull almost a year ago..When I got he she had a small lump by her left leg, she is a 6yr old pit.the lump was soft when i got her and now it is harder andd looks like it might be coming to a head
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The worst thing you could've done is gone to the vet. My Nanna's dog Charlie had a lump on his leg took him to the vet was in fact cancer. He had the lump for years and was healthy and happy it wasn't hurting him at all. The vet removed the lump and months later he died from the operation. My eldest dog 'flure' has this huge lump on the inside of her leg for years. She can run/walk normally we haven't found any sign of discomfort on it with her she's been perfectly healthy and she's 13! Still acts and has energy like a pup. I will not ever let her go to the vet as the same thing will happen to her.
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