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Luxating Patella

I have a toy/mini poodle named Shadow who is over 12 years old.  He weighs 12.5 lbs.  He has several serious medical issues including a luxating patella (trick knee) on his right rear leg.  Because of his age, and his medical condition, I don't want to chance surgery to repair this as there is more of a risk of fatality from surgery and or anesthesia as he gets older.  Unless there is some dire need for surgery, I am looking for a non surgical solution for this problem.  Does anyone have any suggestions for this problem.  I'm not sure they have knee braces for smaller dogs.  Has anyone had this problem and been able to provide a remedy, even if only temporary.  I'm not sure how he would tolerate having something on his leg like a bandage, but if this seems a reasonable solution, I am willing to try.  All comments and suggestions are appreciated....Regards, Bill
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Hi Bill....Luxating Patellas are very common in Toy breed dogs...The severity is based on grades......I have a poodle (Adopted at the age of 3) that has both knees involved....When she was finally diagnosed (At the age of 5), they were both listed as a grade 2.....AT this grade, surgery is not recommended.....I started her on a good joint supplement at that time.....

She just had her yearly & her knees are both still at a grade 2....I DO believe the joint supplement works!  She just turned 11!!  ;)

My Holistic Vet recommends "Phycox JS" for many reasons....Mainly the combination of ingredients in it...I buy the "Small Bites" for all of mine.....I shop online....Hope this helps, Karla
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My dog was recently diagnosed with I torn ligament in her knee at first we were worried it was luxating patella and my Vet suggested my dog lose a few pounds now she is not over weight by any means shes a normal healthy weight for her size and breed. The Vet said the skinnier she is the less pressure on her leg. I know it's not the magic fix but it's worth a shot.
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Understand.  It's late and I just saw this.  There are sites that sell braces for dogs and I think I've seen one on making your own.
Try doing a Google search for dog braces, knee or luxating patella
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