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Marking Behavior

Good day! I really need some advice. Bozley, our sweet 5-yr-old Boston Terrier has decided there is a spot on the living room floor that requires him to pee.......

Some background: We bought this house 3 years ago. The former owners had a dog - - and the carpet was torn ("dug") in the very spot where Bozley is now peeing. Please note that we pulled up all of the carpet/padding, etc., and replaced with laminate flooring, but he is still peeing (you can imagine what it's done to the flooring!) .... can urine penetrate the concrete slab and he still smells it? Or has he developed a new "bad-dog" behavior? He's always remorseful after the fact. Any suggestions are welcomed - - I've tried the "No-Go!" route that works for a week or so, but not very long.

Also there was a neighborhood stray cat (I think the former owners left him when they moved, because he was certain this was his house) - who upset Bozley from time to time, but we found a new home for that cat and he has not been around for several weeks. So..... we've tried process of elimination as well.

Bozley is the only one who has an issue with this spot. We have another Boston, Hunny Bear, and a cat, Quincy - but they all grew up together, so there is no new pack member issue.

He has had his checkup and is in perfect health.

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When you replaved the rug, with flooring, did you bleach the slab of concrete?
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Yes, concrete will retain the smell of urine if it's been soaked long enough, and it sounds like this is the case.  Your pup just has an extra-sensitive nose and intends to be sure that his own smell covers it over.  Now it's a bad habit, and even more attractive to him because it DOES smell like him.  Vicious circle, huh?  Other than trying different odor products or re-doing that section of flooring, I have no idea what to advise you.  Can you block that room off with a baby gate for a while as you try different treatments?
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