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MinPin- Please HELP, constant scratching and no vet can seam to help her!!!!

I have a 5 year old min pin, with itchy skin, bumps, bald spots. It is on her back, chest and face. I have seen 6 vets (2 clinics but different vets ) tried Antibiotics, prednisone, baths, dips, skin scrapings and blood work and nothing shows up. The prednisone helped but once off of it she went straight back to BAD. She scratches constantly and is bald all over her back, neck, ears and face. the only area that she doesn't seam to scratch is that which she cant reach with her paws or objects (she will get under the coffee table and use it on her back) .I have put her in a cone to protect her eyes and face as she will scratch them until they are raw and sore and continue even while hurting herself. The bumps are white, some times puss comes out, other times not.  She gets flea drops religiously and I have found NONE on her, I also bath her with medicated shampoo once a week, as directed by the vet.  I have changed her diet several times, even to the point of cooking her food myself (just in case allergies though the blood work and skin scrapings didn't show any). I would say it looks like the pictures of mange but the skin scrapings didn't test positive for any mange, and the prednisone seamed to work while she was on it. I just don't know what to do...and continuing getting the same answers from vets is costly and inefficient. I NEED HELP!!
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I am so sorry to read this.  Sounds like your poor dog is miserable!  Skin issues can often be so hard to diagnose and am sorry the Vets are at a loss.  What you probably need is a Canine Dermatologist.  Thus may be an autoimmune disorder that would need to be diagnosed and may require life long treatment with steroids and other drugs.  Start reading up on Canine Autoimmune skin diseases.  Read up on Pemphigus and Lupus.  Not sure what your Vet is telling you but I don't think I would be using a topical fkea medication on her if there is no flea problem.  Sun can aggravate these conditions so I would limit her sun exposure.  Ask your Vet about a sun screen made for dogs.  What food are you feeding? You might want to try a fish based food with no grains, especially corn.  I am sure this is getting costly and wish I could be of more help.  Not a fan of steroids but you may need to keep her on them so she gets some relief. Always go on the recommendation of your Vet.  You might try seeking out a Holistic Vet.
Bottom line, I woukd be looking for a Dermatologist.
Good luck and do keep us updated.  Others here may have some ideas for you.
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Ok, had a few minutes.  Have to admit, it has been some years since I have studied skin issues.  However, I had Shelties  for years and one skin condition they can have (but not limited to this breed) is Dermatomyositis. Another possibility might be Pyoderma or a problem with too little or too much zinc.  Again, some of these conditions may be beyond the scope your Vets can test for or might even suspect.  Sometimes, antibiotics are also needed but the right one.  
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Sorry, meant to ask if she has akways had this problem or is it recent? I see she is 5 years old.  
Where did you get her from?  If from a Reputible breeder, I would contact him/her and see if they might be able to shed some light on this.  
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