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Molly is sick

Molly is a 20 month old, 11 lb Shih Tzu who is normally a very active, happy little girl.  Yesterday she vomitted 3 times within 3-4 minutes...almost looked like stool.  This afternoon she projectile vomited watery brown. We were traveling home from our daughters and she got in my lap and slept.  Her nose was very dry, she never even lifted her head or moved for 2 hours.  She is now very lethargic and does not want to be held or touched.  She normally has a very bright look to her eyes, they now are dull, droopy like she's sleepy.  She got into the cats food yesterday and possibly the litter box. Should I take her to the emergency vet tonight?

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yes its important that you get her to the vets asap it doesnt sound like this is just an upset stomach and could be serious ...better safe than sorry....

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If she were mine, I'd take her to the vet asap.  A shih tzu who isn't bouncing around and watching everything with those "shih tzu eyes" needs vet treatment.

I hope she is fine.

Hugs from wolf and Rawhide (our shih tzu)

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