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More Pig Ears Dog Treats recalled -Berkley Jebsen

Sept. 03 2019.
Recalled because of Salmonella contamination. Affecting 30-packs sold at **’s Wholesale Club stores.

For lot codes affected please go to Dog Food Advisor site:
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Okay, what are your thoughts on these in general for our dogs? Do you think they make a healthy chew?  
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Well @specialmom, with all these recalls going on with any brand of Pig Ears at the moment. I think I'd stay away from them for now!

In general? My instinct is they could be a choking hazard anyway. Just small enough for a dog to try to swallow the whole thing once they have given it a bit of a good chew.
I recall once having to put my fingers down my dog's throat and haul out the hugest lump of chewed rawhide which wasn't going down (thank goodness) and neither could he retch it up and out.
That was a close call.....
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Probably.  my dog is a chewer.  I buy bully sticks (wow, those are expensive) and a particular chew she loves that seem to be out of stock everywhere right now.  And pizzle sticks when I can find those.  I am looking for other things. I thought maybe pigs ears were different than rawhide and not as likely to be choked on.  I have seen at the pet store a bag of pig snouts . . . insert grossed out emoji there).  Just looking for ideas of things for her to chew on since she likes to chew for  good while in the morning and then before bedtime.  It must relax her. ha
Yes I saw those pig snouts too ! All I can say about those is ....yuck.....but a dog is going to say yum !

With all these pig ear recalls going on, I would be so unsure which brands were safe. No sooner do we hear of one being recalled, than another one comes along.

Many dogs do love something to chew on, and it gets a lot of plaque off their teeth.  Beyond rawhide, bully sticks, and pig ears....I can't come up with any ideas. Maybe someone else will comment who has a good idea.
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