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My 12 year old Yorkie was diagnose with Chronic Renal Failure

My Yorkie has Chronic Renal Failure and was just diagnose   this week. She is twelve years old.

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Sadly the key word here is "chronic" rather than "acute" which means your dog could be considerably more ill than she appears or you could have imagined.

You have to ask the vet how far along your dog is and what specifically you can do to maintain your dog's quality of life.

When my dog was in the acute phase we managed her condition for three years. She ate special food and we put this powder on it called a phosphorus binder and that kept her levels low. She was happy and healthy for three years. But then her BUN and creatinine sky rocketed and she lost her appetite and was no longer thirsty and we knew it was toward the end for her - which was really really fast.

They flushed her and put her on an IV and that perked her up but not enough for her labs to rebound.

That is why you need more information.

There is an old thread on here that is really long that people have added to over the years and there is a lot of good information. I will see if I can find it.
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Check the user groups on here for Chronic Kidney Disease. You will find useful info on there. Best of Luck.

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