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My 13 year old was bit

My dog was bit on the shoulder and under on the meaty upper part of his leg which left a small puncture wound, I treated it 3 times a day for over a week, applying hot compresses to the lump that developed near the wound in the arm pit area, I noticed it would bleed a lot after treating it, I also applied hydrogen peroxide and an triple antibiotic to the wounds, he seems to be doing a lot better now, barely limps and is eating and drinking and seems to be in great spirits. I know ideally he should see a vet, but due to a very bad experience he completely flips out when I take him there to the point of immediate uncontrolled diarrhea. Can a vet visit be avoided and also should I keep doing what I'm doing? The lump has gotten a lot smaller but the puncture hole is no longer bleeding.
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Sorry your dog got injured.  Bite wounds/puncture wounds can be deceiving.  A dog's  mouth is full of bacteria so the chance of infection is pretty high. Even though it may seem small on the surface, bacteria was surely introduced to the soft tissue.  You can continue to wash it and keep it clean and use the antibiotic ointment but that is only getting the surface. I would discontinue the use of the Hydrogen Peroxide that often as it might make it worse.  Did you go over the dog thoroughly to check for any other possible bites?  If the coat is heavy, you need to get a brush or comb and check diwn in the coat to the skin.  A Vet really should evaluate the dog so that does not get infected or form an abcess.  If you dog gets that upset going to the Vet, call the Vet and ask for some medication that will calm him down. They may suggest some Acepromazine.  Good luck and please come back to update.  
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