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My 14 month old accidentally ate my dogs Novox 100mg

My Husband gave our dog her evening pill and we didn't know she had spit her medication out.  My son who is 14 months old and weighs about 30 lbs was crawling picked it up and ate about half her 100mg pill. I called poison control and they said he would be fine but may have some GI discomfort. I have tried researching side effects to just make sure but I can not find any information on it about this situation or its side effects. Can you please give me some in site. Thanks a ton!
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I am not a doctor but I do work with animals and have two kids. Novox is an anti-inflammatory drug and the dosage prescribed for your pet probably would not cause any significant or long lasting side affect in your child. I would not worry at all.
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Glad you called Poison Control, however, this is probably not the best source for an answer to a question such as that.  You just never know who might react to what, especially when it comes to medication.  Having had 3 kids myself, and had something similar happen, I was either at the ER or on the phone with their doctor.
Hope all will be ok.
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