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My 6 month old Catahoula/Blue Heeler dog suddenly yepling no signs of injury

She was laying on my bed sleeping and next thing i know is standing up yelping as if in great pain,  i tried to take her outside to go potty, she didn't need to go.  She has no visible signs of injury that i can see,  and she had been sleeping for a couple hours so she hasn't been doing anything unusual immediately before this started. She's been doing it for like 2 or 3 goes now,  she will help for about 5 minutes and stop for like 30 minutes and then start again. But even while stopped she still appears to be hurting or just very scared.  
   Back in October she had caught parvo, but we took her to the very that night and she was ready to go home 2 days later and then we finished nursing her and she's been great since then,  but I've noticed her stomach acting different since then,  like she gets the hickups probably like at least every other day or just noises coming from her stomach,  which ive always just thought the parvo changed her stomach maybe.
   Also something else I'm considering is she was just in heart,  may still be actually,  which i thought was pretty early since she is so young.  We have a male chihuahua who has been trying to get it,  we hammy seem if he has or not,  from what I've seen he is too short but at times she will lay on back with legs open next to him so it's possible he did,  maybe he got her pregnant and her body is still too young to handle it?  If so,  it would of had to of happened in the past week.
   Also she may be teething?
   Any advice is much appreciated,  we are trying not to have to take her to the 24 hour very if possible.
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Just wondering how is your little girl is doing now? Did your vet find out
why she was crying out and the reason for her pain?
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I knew someone who had a Maltese who had pancreatitis who would behave in this way.  He would appear to be fine and then suddenly he would leap up from sleeping or simply relaxing, yelping in terrible pain. Upon examination by the vet he was found to have pancreatitis, which is a very painful, potentially life-threatening condition.

A trip to the vet is most definitely in order.  Anything that is painful enough to make them yelp needs to be assessed medically.  Please let us know how he is.

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Agree with ginger.  Best to have it checked. There is an off chance this could be a spinal or cervical problem.
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If she is yelping regularly, and even when she isn't -she looks hurt, or unwell, or not good, then you do need to take her to a vet quickly. I can't guess at what might be wrong, but she is clearly showing she is in pain somewhere.
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woops...I mean to say He IS NOT TOO SHORT to breed her, nature will
find a way if she is in season...and he is a whole male.(NOT neutered)
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HUGE SIGH here......... so you have a female, 6 months old who has not
been spayed( right?) you forgot to get her vaccinations for Parvo, she got
Parvo but the vet cured her right? The good thing is once she has had
Parvo she is immune and will NOT need anymore Parvo vaccinations( per
my vet) and yes Parvo hits the stomach and gut the hardest so she may
have some issues....can you take her to your vet get things checked out?
I am hoping the little male Chihuahua HAS had all the Distemper/Parvo
vaccinations he needs to keep him safe??
#2 from what you said you have a male Chihuahua and you think he is now
trying to breed her( no 6 months old is NOT too young for her to come in
season) BUT she is far too young to be bred, let alone cross bred with your
Chihuahua and too young to deliver puppies. BELIEVE ME HIS IS NOT
too short to breed her so don't count on that as a safeguard!
Have you noticed any drops of blood from her, is her vulva swollen( that
is where she pees from) there are several things that can go wrong here
with and IF she is in season one is an infection inside and this also would
need to be established by your vet and yes this could cause her pain so
all in all the bottom line is YOU need to TAKE HER to your vet ASAP and
while you are there you might want to ask about getting your Chihuahua
male neutered. IF your little girl has the infection I am thinking about they
will have to spay her to save her life and IF it is Pyometra she can die if
she is not treated...on the good side it may not be this but your VET can
evaluate her and find out why she seems to be in pain? I'm not a vet, I
could go on with guesses but the very best thing to do is get her checked
you owe that to her to be sure she is ok. Have a good one........
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