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My 8 month old Lab mix wont stop crying!

Hi, I have an 8 month old Lab Husky mix, his name is Grumpy. We have had Grumpy since he was 5-6 weeks old and he is great! we had no problem potty training him or even teaching him tricks. About a month ago he had an incident with a Rottweiler who is a year old. This two have been playing for more than 3 months together and never a problem, this one night I took a ball out to play fetch with them, and the second the other dog grabbed the ball Grumpy attacked him! Ever since then he has been out of control he pulls on his leash and doesn't come when called. He whines all day (we live in front of a dog park) and jumps from window to window, he never used to do this. He paws at me to take him out minutes after we've had our daily hour walk! And plays to rough and acts aggressively with the neighbors dogs. He shoves his face in front of mine and nips at me to take him out. Im worried maybe we've spoiled him too much? Will neutering help? We have a Gentle leader and a choke chain to hold him but even then he doesn't care! He pulls and drags me along (hes too strong for me when he wants something)  I'm worried we wont be able to keep him if he doesn't calm down. What can I do?
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Yes, you can have an escalating problem on your hands and should consult a trainer.
Just some suggestions:
Do get him neutered!
Try to get him in a basic obedience class.  I suggest one with an experienced trainer and not one through one of the pet stores.
Try not to let him have access to those windows.
Do not let him get that close to your face!
Dies he know any basic commands like Sit, Down, Stay?  
If he is showing aggression and you can't control him, that may be an accident looking for a place to happen.  
There is a lead you can buy at PetsMart (can't remember the name) but it has like a strap that goes around the dog under the front legs.  It has a clip to attach a leash in the front.  This "may" help with the pulling issues.
Look up NILF (nothing in life is free) training and read up on it and start implementing these methods at home.  You have to be consistent and be the pack leader.
Without having a lot of dog experience, I think the best thing you can do is work with a good trainer.
Your Vet may know one or, if you have a local dog club, contact them as they can be a good source for referrals.
Good luck.
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