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My 9 month old rescue is having vaginal discharge after spay.

My new pup was spayed while in heat about a week and a half ago. I have always noticed her picking her privates but the other day when I took her out I noticed she had clear, mucusy vaginal discharge. She has no trouble with urination, she acts perfectly healthy, but I have notices she licks the area often. Can anyone give me advice on this topic?
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It is not unusual to see some discharge after a spay surgery especially if she was in season.  I woukd exoected it to have some color though.  Examine her vulva area and see if it is swollen or there is any sign of irritation or inflammation.  She could be licking  just to keep herself clean or the area is irritated.  If she is eating, active, urinating and defacating normally, I am not seeing any red flags.  However, I am not a Vet and, since we are nearing the weekend, I would suggest you call the clinic where you had her spay and speak to them about this.  
Do come back and update.
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