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My Bulldog's bad reaction to Vaccination

My 11 year old English Bulldog Jake went Monday 9/12 for his yearly checkup at the Vet and got the Lepto. & Lyme vaccines along with routine checkup. On Friday, 9/16 he had by then big lump develop at site of vaccines which is normal with soreness but to me unusually large. Took him back to Vet to be prescribed with Antibiotics for an infection verified by blood test culture under microscope. It was either dirt on his skin caused it or the vaccine itself according to my research. Its Monday (7days later) and his leg is huge. Alot of fluid. Back to the vets for drainage after I called (sight unseen). I tried warm compresses and now he has no appetite, is miserable. Not eating anything. I can only get his pills down by putting them in his mouth and rubbing neck head facing up. I feel so bad for him. Sleeping right now. Appointment in an hour. Hope this goes well. Wish me luck. Has anyone had this experience after vaccinations?
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Yes, twice on two different dogs.  Abscess formed at the injection site. They both had to have drains put in for a week to 10'days, can't recall.  Your Vet may have to put a drain in to keep it open and let that infection drain out.
Please come back and update.
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Thanks Margot...Well that's what happened today. She filled a vial with pus and blood showed us then lanced it and put in a drain but just for 3-5 days.What a difference in his leg already.  . Jake is home now, still hasn't eaten except for what i hand feed him in bits. He had laser hydrotherapy today for both back legs and will have another treatment tomorrow afternoon. Hope he snaps back. :) Linda
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Thank you for coming back to update!  Hope that does the trick and wonder why the vet dudn't do that in the first place.  If he is still on the antibiotic, it may be upsetting his stomach, along with the infection issue.  You might ask the vet if you can give him Peocid and what dosage.  Do ask first.
Not familiar with that therapy, well, not laser hydrotherapy.  Can you describe that and how it is done?
Hope Jake is much improved tomorrow.
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