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My Chihuahua

My Chihuahua has rotting teeth and gums and I dont understand why. How do i help him?
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Have you taken your dog to the vet?  If not, please take him as soon as possible, he must be in a lot of pain.  He'll need to have his teeth cleaned, and possibly pulled.  How old is he?
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Toy breeds & Tiny toys are notorious for dental problems.....85% of ALL dogs have some form of Peridontial Disease by the age of 3yrs. old.

I agree with Lindapalm, your dog needs to see a Vet and have his teeth cleaned! Yes, they will pull the rotten ones (You want this) & put him on oral antibiotics for the infection...

If left untreated, your dog will experience extreme pain (If not already) & have trouble eating....The bacteria will eventually enter the blookstream and cause all kinds of serious problems....Heart Disease will be the worst of them....Trust Me!

Please, take care of his teeth....Call your Vet and make an appointment....This needs to be taken care of ASAP.....

After that, brushing his teeth at least 4 times a week with a Doggie toothpaste (Not human) will keep the bacteria at bay & keep those teeth disease free......Karla
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Definitely needs to go to the Vet for a good teeth cleaning then you need to keep up on the brushing, etc.  
His mouth may not only be sore but an infection in the mouth can affect the whole body, esp the heart.  
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An infection in the oral cavity can spread through the body and cause all kinds of problems. There are 3 things that I have used that you might want to try before you go to the vet (not in place of the vet). The 1st is liquid chlorophyll. You can rub in on the dogs teeth and gums four or 5 times a day. You don't rinse it out and it won't stain the teeth. Chlorophyll is a natural antibiotic and disinfectant. It also promotes healing of infected tissue. You can use an eye dropper or just pour a teaspoon full into the dogs mouth and then rub it into the gums. It can be very messy so be careful. Dogs do tend to like the taste. The other two things are powdered probiotics and powdered colostrum put into your dogs food. You can also rub these agents into the dogs gums. Colostrum and probiotics will boost the immune system, kill pathogenic bacteria and normalize the bacterial flora in your dogs mouth. You can use chlorophyll, colostrum and probiotics in conjunction with the treatment your vet gives. All three are safe natural agents that most dogs take to very quickly.   Get started as soon as you can with whatever you decide to do.  Take care and good luck!!
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