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My Dogs' health/Teeth!

I have tears in my eyes as my dogs and cat are my ‘babies”, I can’t have children, I feel like they are mine, yet I can’t help her/them! I already know one needs $3000 level 3 dental! (My husband has a cracked molar and my teeth need checking……etc!
no dental plan here!) No my baby chihuahua went in for ingrown nail and when Vet checked her mouth, WOW. Her left front molar is wrapped around by “hair, etc.” at root, loose it is huge! I felt soooo upset for never noticing and Vet said she already has lost 7 teeth already! I know these breeds are prone! As I paid $300 yesterday for meds, nail cut and bandage/ plus 70$ for a 5 min. check up! Will the antibiotics suffice! I choose to get it not pulled as it will “fall out” anyway! Then I notice my cat looks like he lost teeth on sides too! The only one that has full set, is the worst case as mentioned 1st? My chihuahua is on Tramadol plus antibiotics, as no mention of abscess mentioned but gum disease, “gingivitis” I am thinking to slit the pills 3/4 – 1! 1 for chihuahua and 1/3 of pill (Clinicin) 25mgs to mini Daschund (the one I thought surely was the worst! As she would be first in line for gum disease! I know that problems with teeth can effect the whole body!!! I am beginning to blame myself
, as I feed them right, liquid minerals, “Arthodex minerals and vitamins, pure RO water! Eliminating all toxins. I don’t believe in “chemicals” found in water! I have tried liquid breathe freshener, denta sticks, brushing before, everything! I am now trying colloidal silver, as it is truly natures remedy!!!!??? It is too late for teeth to be cured. Vet said brushing their teeth would not have helped! So basically what to do when on a budget! I have already paid a small fortune on my “babies” and do you think I should get it pulled or far out with meds? I thought they were very healthy? Sorry about long message, I feel so sad for them right now!
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Sorry, I "feel" the pain.  

We have a rescue Westie (terrier) that had an abscessed tooth which required anesthesia, maybe the biggest part of the cost, to pull the tooth.  There was other work done, nails, cleaning teeth... don't remember but I do have the paid bill in the dog folder and can look.  Point is I recall the whole cost was way under $3,000, under $1,000.... I think closer to $500 - I can check.  You dog may need more costly work, but what beside pulling does the vet plan to do?

On the lighter side, you profile shows you as a "male" - not a big deal but you may want to correct.

Hope you find an affordable solution... pet ownership is a big responsibility and expense.  I remember have rescue dogs in the past that lived for 15 years and almost never went to the vet and saw few grooming/bath and any that was done was DIY.  Same for a big Golden Retriever, but he did end up  costing some serious money in his last couple of years with a stroke and later fat pockets and cancer.  He never had any teeth pulled, not much teeth brushing either.  
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Welcome.....$3000 is ridiculous for a dental w/extractions......$500 is fair! Please, call and check around at other clinics.....Yes, your dog's teeth DO need to be taken care of.....Severe Dental Disease creates many health problems including organ failure...Heart Disease is among the top!

Call your local SPCA or Humane Society and ask about clinics in your area that are affordable.....They may can direct you to some resources...

Next: Look into "Care Credit". It's a credit card made specifically for Animal AND Human medical bills.....Many Vets accept it now as a form of payment...You can apply online..The interest rate for repaying is very reasonable!  Karla
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YES I DO KNOW THIS AS I HAVE WORKED THERE! So when she first jumped off couch she fractured her hair bone, the X-RAY! It looked like a twig of tree broken in half, devastating!
I paid $3000 and that was 50% of discount, which would have been $6000! The Vet said now, let it fall out naturally with pain control and antibiotics as I cried me eyed out and stressed I CANNOT AFFORD REMOVAL! Yes I am in Toronto, which equals ridiculous amounts of Veterinary care, If I went to Hamilton less 35% of cost, even further, CHEAP! How these people that make $$$$$$ totally disrespect and don't cre about any innocent "pet" is like rape sideways! I WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND how they sleep at night! Hence reason why, I would NEVER work for them again! IN FACT I RAN!!!!!!

Thanks everyone, I really appreciate it! I think as she is 5 lbs she was a little "stoned' from the script prescribed! Her tooth is still big and loose! I feel sooooo bad! Should I pay $$$$$ to get it removed, when the VET said with antibiotics she will be fine and it will fall out on own!" Meanwhile I KNOW she is in pain in tooth, obviously! What a trooper indeed!

Sorry to babble, yet you think you are doing best for self and of course loved ones to the extent of having RO through every system of house, collided silver, liquid minerals, etc....! Am I buying into this??? I am questioning myself?

I had to vent! She is like baby to me and today she "seems" better as tolerance developed, etc!


She is my baby, if anything happened I would be loss! thank you!
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