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My Doxie behaviour

Last saturday my husband found a couple of puppies (lab/ golden) in the back yard. Schatze (my almost 3 yr old doxie) wasn't very happy about it and at first tried to attack the poor puppies! But eventually got adjusted to the fact that there were another 2 "intruders" in the house. Since then she didn't want to go out in the yard, and sunday morning my husband found a huge poop in one of our bathrooms. She is potty trained and never made "mistakes", she knows how to hold everything til morning. So I am wondering if this is some kind of behavioral problem. I mean, now the puppies have been turned in at the Humane Society but she is still "mad" at my hubby...she won't come whenever he calls her and she stares at him. Can anybody explain? Thank you for your help.
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I think you're right - she's mad at your husband and will get over it when she's ready.  Our dogs do the same thing.  Pooping is a good way for a dog to show disapproval.  If she does it for longer than a few days or even a week and if bribery doesn't work, maybe she should go to the vet.  I doubt she caught anything from the abandoned puppies but it's better to be safe.

If I had a penny for every stray dog that "adopted" me, I'd be rich.  A few weeks ago a rottweiler followed me right into the house.  Our Akita does NOT get along with rotties so I had to call Animal Control to get the poor little guy.  This is the second rottie who has followed me home.  I must be wearing a sign on my back letting dogs (and cats) know I'm soft in the head for them.

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I think my hubby has the same sign in his back...!!! Thank you for your advice, always very wise
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