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My Pitbull Mutt is really aggressive to my Dachsund

Last night, Tiegen, my nine year old dachshund was under a table in the living room sniffing a shoe, and Shiloh, my four year old Pit bull/beagle/mutt came up next to him, and attacked him. She had him by the neck and whipped him around. I was freaking out really bad and she stopped, but not because I was yelling. I don't know why she stopped. I ran over to Tiegen, and the skin off his neck was complete ripped off and dangling. luckily, it was just his skin, a huge layer though.. me and my mom had to take him to the Pet ER. His neck was sewn, and he's doing a lot better..

My parents want me to get rid of Shiloh, which really breaks my heart. She is always a sweet dog to all people. I think she has dominance issues, whenever Tiegen wants to go outside she "play attacks" him but it's never a bad attack. She jumps on people a lot and is really energetic all the time. In the backyard she runs around a whole lot barking at things through the gate. Can anyone help me, give me any advice? Do you think there is some way I could train her, so I don't have to get rid of her?

She is my dog and means a lot to me and I'm really hoping there is a different solution to this situation.
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Most people would say no put her down, but as a mom of 5 pit bulls I say it is possible to retrain and redirect. it will take time and patience, i would keep them separate for now, i would never allow them to rough house play. be loud and strong you are dominant!!
here are a few amazing articles that have helped me



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