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My Rottweiler has abscess on his ear lobe, what

I need to know what do at home? Husband passed away, I'm broke.
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keep it clean and drained. It needs to stay open to get all of the bacteria out and keep draining. He should also be on an antibiotic.
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Clean and dry, and might try some peroxide and antibacterial ointment. Be really anal about cleaning it. Very important!
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Please do not wait too long or your dog may develop a very unsightly ear. Your dog's condition needed immediate veterinarian attention.
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The dog will feel much better after abcess has burst. Gently pull the hair around the area,,,if you see a place where it looks like something stuck in it..that's a good place to start. Hopefully this will help abcess open up. It will smell awful~!!! Let it drain. Do not let it seal back up. vaseline is very helpful in keeping it from closing back up. Use antibiotoic ointment and keep it very clean
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