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My Rotty was prescribed prednisolone, became dizzy. Yelping ...

He went to the vet for an ear infection and was prescribed prednisolone 20mg. When he got home he started to become dizzy, yelping and unable to walk properly. He's holding his head up and refuses to lye down. It looks like he's in a lot of pain. Does this sound familiar to anybody?
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What you describe isn't familiar to me personally with one of my dogs. Nor do I have experience with using prednisolone, except that I know it's a steriod, often prescribed for inflammatory conditions. I'm afraid that's all I know about it and lack experience.

But I do wonder if your dog's awful dizziness and restlessness could be to do with the ear condition itself...

Is he also on an antibiotic for the infection?

An ear infection, particularly a middle ear infection, can cause terrible dizziness. And that would be very disconcerting for a dog.

My advice would be to speak to the vet again urgently. That's the best I can suggest. It could be that it isn't a side effect of the prednisolone, but a symptom of the infection? It might be that the medicines haven't 'kicked in' yet. But please do check this out as soon as possible with the vet. I hope your dog is feeling better soon.

Some info. about corticosteroid possible short and long term side effects in dogs:
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