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My Yorkie has 3 Stage Kidney Failure

My babe as of this week was diagnosed with Kidney Failure 60% of her kidneys are gone, the vet said her levels are not improving after a weeks stay at their hospital.  We have her home now, she has been on Iv's, is drinking water but she has not eaten in days. I dont know what to do? I'm asking for help from anyone that has been through this. Please what can I do for her, she does not seem in pIn. Just very sleepy and weak. Please HELP....
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Hello. I am sorry you have had this diagnosis. First, please join our User Group - the Chronic Kidney Failure in Dogs User Group. I am the administrator of this Group. You will find members that are or have been in the same position you are in right now with their own dogs. They are very supportive and well informed and I am sure you will get a huge amount of help from being a member.

Next, as a starting point, have a read of my article, which will help you regarding diet:


The first priority is to get your dog eating again, as this will give her energy to move forward with other things that are needed. Has your vet prescribed a suitable anti-nausea medication? If not, this is a MUST HAVE right now. It won't help the kidney disease, but it will help to get her to eat. She isn't eating because of the toxin build-up, which makes dogs feel sickly.

Next, has your vet given you her blood level results. If yes, please post them to the User Group thread - particularly BUN, Creatinine and Phosphorus levels.

Is she on KD specific CANNED food? If not, that's what you need for her for now. Not kibble and not any other dog food with high phosphorus or high protein. As a stand-by, try cooked chicken (leaving the skin on, as this will help give her some energy). If that doesn't work, try getting some CANNED or frozen blocks of Green Tripe.

Okay. That's enough for now. Let me know over on the User Group forum how you get on. You are not alone. Stay strong.

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