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My chihuahua iS strange and I want to know why.

My chihuahua is 4 years old and she was acting really strange when I came home. She usually bangs on the door with excitement because she wants me to open the door and give her attention because she missed me but when I came home and opened the door she walked slowly with her tail all the way down like she was scared and then immediately wanted me to carry her. After that she is just sleeping and she won't eat her dinner. She has always been healthy and always wants to play and you could tell she has a lot of energy but today she was just not herself and I am really scared for her and even my family thought she was walking strange and she also looks really tired with her eyes and her head down low.
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Please take baby to some known vet and get the kidney function checked KFT LFT test done...I  could not get it done timely and my baby today not with me ( read my thread ) also of your baby stops urination  run to a vet for immediate treatment...pl update your baby health here ...I am concerned
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Your question was a few days ago, and I am wondering how is your little dog now?
Everything you described points to her feeling very unwell. When a dog  who is usually fit and well suddenly shows all those symptoms, then the only answer is to take them as quickly as possible to a vet for tests.

I hope your dog will be okay.
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