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My dog, Billy

My is on too different types of flea medicines.  My problem is that I have never seen a flea on him but twice.  That was before the oral pill and the Advantix.  He will be sitting calmly and then all of a sudden he freaks out and starts biting is butt area.  What is the world?  I take him out for walks and some times it is in grass.  Do fleas still bite him and then die or what.  This happens way too much for him to have flea treatment.  If it was dry skin, he wouldn't come out of a sleep freaking out like he does.   HELP
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Yes, the fleas have to bite to die.......From what you describe, it's either fleas (Whether you use products or not), Just treating the dog does not help...The environment must be treated too if you have them in the house & yard, OR it's an Anal Gland problem & he needs his Anal Sacs expressed (By the Vet).....

Please, never use 2 flea products at the same time......Much too poisonous and your dog will suffer sooner or later because of it.......Karla
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Thank you Karla.  I have to tell you that when I saw the picture of your dog and the name Karla, my jaw dropped.  My best friend Karla has the same exact looking dog!!!  But it wasn't.  As far as Billy is going.....he doesn't violently start itching his booty like he was.  I made a mistake saying he was on Advantix II.  He was on Advantage and started the Advantix two days ago.  I stopped the oral one.  I took the advice from a worker on the floor not a vet.  Pretty stupid, hugh.  I got him a prescribed conditioner too.  And I actually burst his anal glands.  They showed it from detail to detail.  An boy were they full! YUCK  Thanks again for the advice.  -Amber
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First, it is not recommended that you use two flea treatments at once on the same dog.  This can cause toxicity in the system and make him sick.  As far as the itching out of nowhere, I recommend seeing your vet, as he could have skin issues that cause itching.  Blessings - Blu
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What oral pill do you have him on?  There can be a lot of problems with Advantix.  We're you told to use both?  Any sign of a hot spot above the tail?
Just to check, get a flea comb and see if you pick up ant fleas or flea dirt.  This time of year, it could be a sensitivity to something outside.
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