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My dog ate edamame shells

Last night, I was eating edamame and place the empty shells on a plate. I left the room and when I came back the plate was empty.  I looked at my dog and he was liking his chops!  He ate the whole plate of empty edamame shells!  Is this going to harm him?  What should I do?
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My dog has eaten plenty of edemame pods in his day (and he's only 1 yr old!).  No worries, it will pass :)
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Edamme are soybeans in the pods.
I think your dog should be fine. I'm not sure though, so don't take my word for it. But considering that edamme pods are basically just ruffage, I think the worst that might happen is loose bowel movements. However, you should probably call your vet and ask if you should have any concern of intestinal blockage in your dog. I think he should be okay, though. My dogs and bird like to eat the beans, but I can't say they've ever eaten the pods.
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Oh boy.  He's quite the little scavenger, isn't he?  Forgive my cultural culinary ignorance, but what exactly is endamame?  Also, what does your dog weigh and how is he behaving this morning?  Any change in bowel habits thus far or any sign of bloating?
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