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My dog ate too much

My 75-lb Samoyed stole a lot of people food from the kitchen and ate it. Now I'm a worried that she's going to get sick. She ate 14 egg yolks and 4 Chinese sausages. This is pretty high in cholesterol and fat! Is there anything we can do to counteract this binge eating?
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Pancreatitis might be a concern from such high fat foods.

My brother (who is a big dog, not a squirt like me) once ate a large vat of lard without ill effects, though.  Except for pooping all over the floor for a couple of days.

Run it by your vet, over the phone.  She'll probably be ok, but I'd still check.  Since you are in Cali, they might still be open to call.  
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If she only did this once I'd be inclined not to worry about it.  If she does it habitually I would take her to the vet just to see if she is alright physically.  If she is fine physically, it might be a behavior problem.

You could ask Dr. Cheng who is the MH vet about it.

I hope you will keep us all informed about how you and your dog are doing.

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14 egg yolks?!?

Swampy thinks you should give your dog some semolina flour and a bowl of water. Then take her for nice walk outside....soon, she will sweat pure angel hair pasta.
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It seems that Bianca is doing okay today. She's playing with her sister and hasn't vomited or had diarrhea. Her poop was normal, which is a good sign.

We usually try to make sure the food is out of her reach, but she's a very wily dog that tries to get away with a lot of naughty behavior. She knows she's not supposed to, but sometimes she does it anyway.
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