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My dog bit my puppy and now I'm unsure of what to do.

Hi, I'm not sure what to do. We have a 2 1/2 year old great pyrenees german shepherd mix and a older chihuahua mix and they get along fine. Now my family and I recently (beginning of March) took in a pitbull puppy mix (maybe 6/7 weeks) who was bitten by another dog. The puppy has a problem with nipping and pulling at the fur of our other dogs when trying to play but the other dogs never reacted strongly and we are trying to stop her nipping at them.
Just yesterday we let the puppy and the great pyrenees mix outside together to do their business before bed and then we heard barking, growling, and whining. Our great pyrenees bit the puppy, not very bad but a little bit of blood, actually bit her in the same place the other dog bit her. We assume our great pyrenees was fed up with the nipping and lashed out, but we're not sure. We didn't them supervise because they got along okay outside.
But now the puppy is growling and trying to bite the chihuahua mix in fear (we have since then kept the puppy and the great pyrenees separate). I'm scared that the pit bull will end up being defensive/aggressive towards both dogs and we'll have big problems and big fights in the future. Should we rehome the puppy or take it to a shelter? It might have a better chance at being adopted since it's still young. We really don't want to have to do that but I'm very nervous about the relationship the three dogs will have. Has anyone experienced anything like this? Does anyone have any advice? Thank you very much.
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This does not sound like a good situation.  The puppy nipping is to be expected from a puppy and you are right to correct it.  Other dogs will, and obviously, get tired of it and discipline the pup.  That being said, an actual bite that drew some blood seems to have crossed that line.  Now, you have the puppy showing aggressive behavior towards the Chihuahua.  I would not want to be seeing this kind of behavior from such young a pup.  That being said, you are already having to separate dogs and, yes, them fighting or injuring each other would be a big concern.  
Trying to re home the pup would be better as the Shelters are full of Pitts and Pitt mixes. A puppy may have a better chance of being adopted.  If it is a well run Shelter, they usually do some temperament testing.  
Is there a Pitt rescue in your area or an ASPCA you can contact?  They may be able to help you out or give you some contact info.
Could the dog situation work out eventually? Possibly, but it would take a lot of work on your part.
If it were me, I would try to find somewhere or someone to take the pup.
Please come back and update and good luck.
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Welcome to the forum....The only aspect this puppy has going for it is that it's young.....He will never make it out of a Shelter....Statistically, only 1 (Pit or Pit Mix) out of 600 find a home through adoption...This is alarming & true!! All because of backyard breeders trying to make a buck & irresponsible pet owners.....Through no fault of their own, 1000 are Euthanized DAILY throughout this country.....DAILY!!!

The only chance this puppy will have at any kind of life, is if you find a breed specific rescue to take him....

If you try to give away, sell on craig's list, garage sale sights, he will run a great chance of a life of abuse until death.....Pit Bull fighting rings need bait dogs on a regular basis...These criminals are always watching for "free to good home" dogs....

Although it's easy to ignore these facts, I see it on a regular basis and they DO exist, EVERYWHERE....

If you by chance, do find it a good home, please Neuter him before he leaves your care.....Of course, you will have to wait until he is old enough....The last thing this world needs is more un-spayed & un-neutered Pits being able to breed.....This breed is suffering enough already.....Thanks
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Karla is right and I should have elaborated more.  Definitely do not go on Craigslist or just give him away.
I was addressing more of the temperament issue in so young a pup.  
Where did you get it?
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I can understand him. He has been attacked twice in only weeks he has lived, just for being himself (an annoying little puppy, which is quite natural but unfortunate in his case) so he is starting to learn that he needs to defend himself. That also is quite natural.
It's my opinion that he may have been taken from his mother and littermates too early. Maybe even two more weeks with them would have taught him lessons he wouldn't forget. I think 8-9 weeks is best before adoption.
But there's nothing you can do about that now. What's done is done.

Separating the dogs will help in one way and make it far worse in another way. Any chance of bonding/working things out is lost, and it will be too late in a few days time.
That will make the 'pack' completely broken down and unworkable. And it will set the scene for the pup to grow up aggressive/defensive and stay like that for the rest of his life no doubt.

The pup needs some one-on-one attention straight away by you, in the presence of both dogs. All negative behaviour has to be stopped by you, in exactly the right way. All positive behaviour has to be rewarded instantly. It will mean you will not be able to take your eyes off him for  weeks. Until you see real changes.

It's going to be important to take all this in hand yourself, and make it crystal clear that you are the one in charge of the family, that what you say goes, and it will also mean you will have to completely devote yourself to this job.

Please do not give him away to Tom **** or Harry. PLEASE do not surrender him to a "Shelter". Lean how to work with him and give your all.
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PS some vets run puppy training and socialisation classes. It might help to enrol him on a course?
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Petsmart & Petco stores also offer puppy training classes!! Good call, Ginger.....Check into one of these classes ASAP.....These stores are abundant throughout the U.S.  They will help tremendously!!!
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Hello! Sorry for getting back so late, and thanks for all the replies!
Well so far everything has just gone back to normal. The puppy (Daisy) just forgot about the bite and approaches the other two dogs the same way, all happy and puppy like, no fear. The only thing is that the great pyrenees (Brody) still is very wary around Daisy inside the house. Outside he tries to play with her a little bit and doesn't mind her but when they're both inside anytime she gets too close or tries to play with him inside he does this weird nervous growl and just wants to go back outside alone. We just got him nurtured today actually. Maybe the slight aggressiveness towards Daisy will die down now. But I know that nurturing isn't a quick fix and he could just be the same. We manly got him fixed because we waited too long to fix the chihuahua mix and she's too old now. But every time she goes into heat it's just him whining and humping 24/7, he doesn't even eat during that time.
I just hope as the puppy gets bigger Brody will get closer to her and we won't have to be on guard forever.
Thanks again!
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