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My dog dips his nose underwater when he drinks , what can I do ?

I have a 5 year old cavalier king . He’s always had this bad habit of dipping his nose under water when he drinks (I’ve seen him do it !) but lately it’s been happening a lot . When this happens he starts coughing and water sprays out of his nose . He’s got sick with kennel cough recently and I was worried about him coughing so I took him to the hospital bc I was afraid of heart disease or trachea collapse . Well he was fine , and the kennel cough went away after 5 days but then he kept drinking and dipping his nose underwater (this tends to happen when the bowl is full) and one time he got so much water up his nose it kept coming out of it . I cleaned his nose and water came out and spilled on my shirt . It’s as if he was drowning ! So I started helping him to drink , holding his head gently . Pulling him back so he doesn’t dip the nose under l water and guess what ? it works . I can’t always do this , especially if I’m not home . And lowering the water volume means he has no access to water once that one finishes . What should I do ? I’m concerned bc after the kennel cough his airways got even more irritated and this bad habit doesn’t help .
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Have you tried a specialty dog bowl designed to prevent the dog from drinking too fast or too deeply? For example, one is called "Upsky Dog Bowl No-Spill Pet Water Bowl," and there are lots of others. Read the reviews before you buy, as some of the others sound really huge or hard to keep clean. The one I mentioned looks easy to maintain.
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