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My dog is bleeding 2 weeks after pyometra surgery!! Help please!!

My 8 year old king charles spaniel, Chloe, had an emergency pyometra surgery done 3 1/2 weeks ago.  She has a heart murmur so the surgery was very risky.  Luckily, the surgery seemed to go well and after two days, she was doing great.  Actually better than great, eating well, tons of energy...best she's been in a long time.
About a week after the surgery I noticed she was dripping fluid from her vagina.  It was a clear fluid possibly urine but I didn't think so, didn't have a noticeable odor.  Her Dr. said its normal and should clear up within a week or so.  It didn't.
A week after she started dripping blood from that area.  I called the Dr. again, he said its most likely a UTI infection and unrelated to the surgery.  Since I had a regular check up appointment set up with Chloe's vet (not the dr. who performed the surgery) for the following week, he suggested I get a urine sample for the vet to examine.
Since the first day I noticed the blood dripping, each day after there was more and more blood. Also, the same foul odor she had coming from the area before the surgery was back as well.
Today Chloe saw her regular vet for her checkup.  She assured me its not a UTI and that Chloe needs to have an ultra sound immediately.  She is concerned with the amount of blood and felt it needs immediate attention. She called the Dr.  who did the surgery from her office however he was not able to come to the phone.  She then faxed her findings and notes to their office and asked he call back.  I called as well and the Dr. did not call either of us today.  
It's surprising how Chloe is acting totally fine otherwise. I honestly can't see how bleeding from her vagina could possibility be unrelated to her pyometra surgery.  It's also upsetting how this doctor is not returning my call or my vet's call.  This surgery was expensive and I'm not in a position to pay for more tests and another surgery if needed with another doctor.  But I would spend my last dime if I needed to.
Has anyone ever gone through this with their pet or know what could possibly be wrong with her? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you for reading this!
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The clincher -for me -is the foul smell. This is the smell of infection, no doubt.
Get her to another vet immediately. This may be what's called "Stump Pyometra" -where a part of the uterus left behind after surgery becomes infected also.

I would not give that vet who did the surgery two dimes to do anything else. His attitude is not right.

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Agree with ginger!  Hope you have taken her into the Vet and is a different one!
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