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My dog is pregnant

My puppy is having puppies... She's only 5 months, is that safe and will she know how to give birth.. And help her puppies..?
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Good grief!!  She is only 5 months old!!??  I suggest you get her to a Get and now!!!!  Please get off the Internet and get her the care she needs.
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5 months is way too young to be pregnant. She is only a pup herself. Margot is right, you must get your dog to a vet immediately.
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If you can't offered a bet stay close to her have plenty of towels and try to find someone that's delivered pups that helps both partysstay calm its her fist litter my dog went into a trance and we talked softly and kept close eye on her unless you can offorod a bet then take her in ameaditly
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If she is ready to deliver the puppies she needs to be at the vet.  NOW.

If she is pregnant but there is still time before she has the puppies, make an appointment with the vet to have her spayed so she doesn't have to have the puppies.  It is very dangerous for her to have puppies at this young age.  Do NOT let her go through this by herself, and if she is less than 2/3 of the way through her pregnancy (gestation for a dog is 9 weeks, so if she is less than 6 weeks along), terminate the pregnancy and have her spayed immediately so she doesn't have to go through with it.  

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