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My dog is refusing to eat or drink 4 days after pyometra surgery

My 12 year old pit developed pyometra. She was placed on antibiotics for 2 weeks while I raised the funds for surgery. They lowered the cost and she had it Friday. She didn't wake up right away after surgery her temp dropped to 96 degrees and she was rushed to an emergency vet for care. They believe she had gone into septic shock and kept her for 3 days for urgent care. Yesterday she started having gi upset and was regurgitating but it only lasted a short time. She was released today but is still refusing to eat or drink. She will take small bites of food but is otherwise not interested. She is on multiple medications. Amoxicillin. Enrofloxacin. Metoclopramide. Cerenia. Famotidine. Gabapentin. I tried to feed her and get her to drink just a little while ago. She took one small bite of chicken and I encourage a drink of water through a syringe. She burped and I thought she may throw up but she didn't. The vet doesn't expect her to want to eat or drink until tomorrow but I'm worried about her becoming dehydrated if she doesn't start drinking. are any of the medications she is on causing this? Is she not drinking because she has been on I've fluids for the last 3 days? She is still sick and in pain but I just want her to feel better and not get worse.
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Ahh, your poor pup!  I'd focus more on drinking than eating.  They don't need to eat but see your point about dehydration.  It's been a few days.  Did she start taking more water?  Or begin eating?  Give us an update!
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She has started eating and drinking and she is getting better each and every day!
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Hey there!!  So glad to hear she is getting better!!!!  How is she now?  Back to her old self?  
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