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My dog is vommiting blood and is lifeless!!

I need to know what i should do the dog isnt eating drinking moving or anything! He is a poodle and chihuahua mix and i am scared what should i do?
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Take him to a vet.  Now.
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Hopefully you are on your way to an emergency vet right now so you won't see this for a while.  But I hope you let us know how your pup is doing when you get a chance.  I just hate to see these things happen.  I had to take my little chihuahua to emergency last night because he was acting very sick and lethargic and it's very scary.  Fortunately, his situation wasn't life threatning and he is back on his feet today. I will send a prayer your puppy's way.
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I was just wanting to check and see how your baby was doing.I hope that everything is ok now.Please let us know how he is.
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I am "Sorry" but if Your dog is vomiting blood and is not moving that is an urgent matter and he does need to be transported to a veterinary hospital urgently.
I am not sure what area You are in but I work in a veterinary clinic and parvovirus is going around and spreading a lot in the clinics around here. It is fatal and I would suggest it is attented to urgently
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