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My dog isn't drinking and she's dropping weight!!


My dog is a mix breed (Smooth Fox Terrier and pinscher) I've had her for +- 7 years. Does anybody know of something that will make her gain weight fast, she does eat a full bowl of food but she is not gaining weight and I have dewormed her, is there anything you can suggest?

Also, do you maybe have an idea of how I can get her to drink water? This has been going on for a while now and the only way she will take in water is if I mix it with her food, she does not drink water out of her own even if its a hot day and she's panting, I have changed her water bowl twice, I wash her bowls, I've tried bottled water, low sodium broth, tea, fresh carrot juice ect. I have taken her to the vet twice and I have asked at pet stores but they not giving me what I need for her so if anybody has any suggestion or ideas I'll be so grateful.

Thanks in advance
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First, I am so sorry you went so long without a reply.

It seems you have tried every possible avenue to try to keep your dog hydrated. And I guess nothing works? All I could possibly suggest is what you have already tried!

My dog also went through phases when she was uninterested in drinking water. I usually made her a soup/stew with meat or fish and vegetables and give it to her twice a day whenever that happened, so at least I knew she was getting basic sufficient  fluid intake.

With my dog, she would suddenly come out of it, and start drinking her water in an ordinary way again for a while. I never had any idea why that happened. All I could do was manage it as best as I could.

But your dog not being able to gain weight....how bad is that? Is she staying at a pretty decent weight, not looking too skinny, just "slim"? Or is she beginning to look wasted and you can literally see her bones? Is she also acting fit and well, full of energy, or is she lethargic, without as much energy?

It could just be that she is burning off all the calories she eats  by her daily activity.

Or, it could mean she needs a full blood count, just to check nothing more serious is behind that inability to gain any weight.

If her blood work and vet exam is all fine, then maybe she is either genetically inclined to be slim (I know this because I am the same, and take after my father. I cannot gain any weight, though I don't lose it.)
Or she is burning off the calories in the food she gets. And if she is a very active athletic dog, she may need a slightly richer food.
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