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My dog passed away i need advice!!!

Hello everyone my 1year old Yorkie  passed away yesterday, I had two Yorkies the mom (Tiffany)3yrold  and the daughter (Chanel) 1yrold they would both share a kennel since I had an XL kennel. Yesterday when I got back from work I let them out to use the restroom like usual and I noticed Chanel was no longer with us she has very stiff and I noticed a bite mark on her neck. It was very rare they usually get along and play Tiffany has never showed signs of aggression so there was a doubt in the back of my head so I decided to get a necropsy the vet gave me a call and gave me the sad news that Chanel was bit on one of her neck arteries and bled to death which I don't get because there was no signs of blood and I was also told she didn't pass in pain, I been trying to do research to get more information on what artery and if she bled internally or what happened to my baby but I didn't find any info on the Internet. I know I should of asked the vet more information but I'm completely torn and in shock still. I also need advice on what to do with Tiffany I love my dogs very much but I'm very hurt and don't want to have anger towards her or for her to hurt another dog I'm in a very hard situation my husband dosent want to let her go,I know time will heal me and I'll eventually accept her. I would highly appreciate anyone's advice thankyou!
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