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My dog stopped eating

My 10 year old German Shepherd just stopped eating. She was just at the vet for her check up and everything came back good. No heartworm, no lime disease, heart was good. She drinks a lot of water and stoped eating. she lost 7 lbs from last year at the vet. They said to bring her back in a week if she does not eat so they can weigh her. She is 63 lbs now. I got her at the Humane Society 2 years ago she was ony 47 lbs. I got her up to 74 now she wont eat anything except a few Wagon Train chicken strips 100% natural just a few a day. I tried everything. Don't have money for a blood work up at the vet or extras. What should I do.
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Good she was at the Vet's recently but, by chance, did they happen to do any blood work?  Due to her age and the increased water consumption and lack of appetite, I wonder if she may be starting some kidney and/or liver issues.  I would want blood work and a urine specimen checked. Perhaps, if you have been going to this Vet for a while, (s)he would let you make payments?  My Vet has done that for me in the past. If she is having these issues, her stomach may be upset and ask the Vet about giving her Pepcid.  And please don't just do that on your own but ask your Vet about that.

As for the appetite, what have you tried feeding and what do you feed now?  You can cook up some white meat chicken and rice with some veggies to see if she will eat that.  She may eat one of the Natural Balance foods like Salmon and Sweet potato or one of the other formulas. Try adding a little canned of the same brand.

If she is on a good grade kibble, go pick up a can of Evo dog food and add that to the kibble and she if she will eat.  A bit on the expensive side but might be worth a try to see if she will eat.  Maybe try adding a scrambled egg and/or some low fat cottage cheese.  You can try adding some cooked pasta, which might help her put on some weight.

I would stop the jerky strips.  I never buy anything in the way of dog food that is made in China since they h ad problems with it some time back.  

I assume, since she has been to the Vet recently, that her mouth and teeth were thoroughly checked for any dental issues or gum disease?  

Due to her age and symptoms, I hope you can somehow at least get that blood and urine checked.
good luck and please keep us posted.

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Thank you both for the tip about the Jerkey Tenders treats. I checked the back and it said it is a American Mfr. however you were right the bag says Made in China. I had no idea that they were causing problems with the kidney's.
I have good news Summer (German Shepherd) - Starting eating again. I have been hand-feeding her Rotiseriere Chicken and made her some boiled liver which she is eating. When I first got her 2 years ago from the Humane Society she had kennel cough and she was treated with antibiotic Keflex and the vet had taken her off the antibitic earlier then they thought.  I had 10 pills left and I started giving them to her 2 times a day so she was on them for 5 days straight. She starting feeling better the next day.  Now she is back to her old self.

As soon as I can afford the bloodwork and unrine testing  I will have her back at the vet for further testings. Right now I am happy to have her eating again and this morning she ate out of her dog dish.
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Hello & welcome.......Give this some thought.....Does her illness correspond with how long you've been feeding these treats? I feel you need to find a way to get your dog back to the Vet......Here's the latest report......Take care, Karla

Jerky Treats Imported from China Reportedly Causing Kidney Failure in Dogs
Complaints about jerky treats causing kidney failure continue as of July 2011, and the cause is still unknown. Now dogs in Canada are also getting sick. See Jerky treats for dogs still suspected in illness for the latest information.Also see Canadian VMA Cautions About Chicken Jerkey Treats (June 2011).
Signs to watch for include decreased appetite; decreased activity (lethargy); vomiting; diarrhea, sometimes with blood; and increased water consumption and/or increased urination.
The type of kidney failure associated with chicken jerky strips is called acquired Fanconi syndrome. Urine test results consistently show glucose and granular casts. Blood tests may show hypokalemia (low potassium), mildly increased liver enzymes, and acidosis.

If your dog develops these signs and test results  while being fed chicken jerky treats, the AVMA says, "you should contact your state Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Consumer Complaint Coordinator. For a state-by-state list of Coordinators, go to http://www.fda.gov/opacom/backgrounders/complain.html. Please include as much information as possible, including the specific product name, lot numbers, veterinarian's report and diagnosis, etc."

Please avoid feeding chicken jerky strips from China to dogs until we know conclusively that they are safe. Note that these products often appear to be made in the US, but if you search carefully, you'll find "Made in China" in tiny print somewhere on the bag.

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