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My dog swallowed a big piece of rubber, should I be concerned?

My 8 month old lab/ shepherd swallowed a big piece of Kong Dotz Circle Large Dog Toy. Should I call the vet, or will she be able to pass it on her own? I found out as soon as she swallowed it because she was still swallowing it as I walked in the room. She seems ok, and I've given her food to help pass the rubber, but I'm afraid that the rubber might be too big for her to pass. Should I call the vet?
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I am sorry to be late with my reply, by two days!

My feeling is that it would be best to consult the vet, probably to phone and ask, and give details first, then if the vet needs to see her they will call you in with her.
They will probably want to know the dimensions of the piece of rubber. But a very big piece might not be possible for her to pass.

I hope you did decide to call the vet. It would be a good idea I think.
I hope your dog is okay?
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