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My dog who is 3 years old lost his best buddy today. He's so very sad :-(

My bf has a 14 yr old Newfinland and I have a 3 yr old pit/lab who is a rescue dog. He has been living with me and my bf for just about 3 months now, before that he was living with my Mom. He came with us because she had moved from a very large home to a very small home and we thought he would live it with my bf and I plus he would have a playmate, he is so very happy here, tons of land to run and a very very large home. Today November 24 my bf had to put is 14 yr old Newfinland down:-( now my dog 3yr old rescue is so very very sad as well we all r devistated by this whole thing. What can I do to make him happy again. I've been trying to play with him, being him for rides, he gets a little excited but NOT like before:-( I'm worried because he is a rescue dog and has suffered from separation anxiety (that did subside once he moves in with us)  but since this happened about 10 hours ago he's very different and it's scaring me. He's having bad dreams and it's only night #1. what can I do???
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First, may I say that I am sorry for your loss.
The loss of a dog that has been part of your family for 14 yrs is going to be a big adjustment...please tell your bf I am sorry.
I know that your pit has only been with your bf dog for a short time, but ...if they were friends, it will take a while for your dog to adjust to this loss also.
Dogs feel loss...they grieve...they may become depressed.
Do your best to keep him occupied with playful activities...and get rid of anything that may have the other dogs scent on it...wash whatever you can..and donate, or pack up the rest.
Try not to mention the other dogs name and do your best to carry on as usual.
You should expect it to take several weeks for your dog to adjust to the change of being alone.
Once again..I am sorry for your loss...please accept my deepest sympathy.
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Thank you for the advice:) We're now on day 3 and Dakota (my dog) seems a little better, still a bit confused & seems to be barking more than he ever did. My bf was sitting with him last night and Dakota began to growl at him which I've never witnessed him doing before to anyone, we then let him have his moment to grieve and he was pretty good for the rest of the night. I havent moved Bishop's bed or his doggie bowls:( I did clean his bowls and his bed, I wanted to but my bf hasent brought it up to me and i know he's still grieving and i felt if i pushed the issue too soon that it would hurt his feelings... I've been keeping Dakota very busy but at the same time I give him his space. I also have a vet appt scheduled on Wed!! Dakota has always been very clingy and very anxious, that was until he came to live with us, now that he doesn't have Bishop he has been following me everywhere:( I do know I need to separate myself from
Him gradually, I can foresee it becoming a huge problem if I don't work on it now!! He has been going everywhere with me since this happened. I just feel so bad for him, he's obviously confused, not to mention my bf went away hunting for 4 days, I'm sure he's missing him and wondering where he is:( we we going to all go an take Dakota but we were a little skeptical taking him 3 hours away to a place hes never been. I didn't want to cause him to be anymore anxious than he already is.. He has been out all day with me, walks, rides, treats and lots of love. He's pooped out as we speak but still having some crazy dreams.. He is a very loving dog and has been through alot before we adopted him.. I'm a bit over protective with him I suppose but I just want him to be happy:)
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