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My dog won't eat much at all...

over the past month or so my dog has slowly had a hard time eatting and has lost interest in food.  we were feeding him canned dog food with a bit of boiled chicken breast.  he then stopped eatting the canned dog food and would only eat the chicken breast.  now he won't eat chicken breast and we have to find something that he has an appetite for and he will then eat "a little bit".  when he does eat he seems to like to be hand fed at times.  we also noticed that when he eats, the food often falls out of his mouth and he seems to chew funny, like he is over chewing.  he also has bad breath, which he has had for a long time.  we are hoping that it is just some bad teeth or an absess in his mouth.  we took him to the vet 2 days ago and she was unable to look in his mouth as he gets nervous at the vet office and will nip (he has always been that way).  the vet did a complete blood panel and listened to his heart and lungs and all was normal.  he is scheduled for a "dental" under anestesia.  does this sound like it could be a dental issue?  he has never had his teeth cleaned, etc.  would a complete blood panel/test normally show any other "issues" that could be causing this?  are these the symptoms of dental problems, pain, etc??
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oh, by the way he is a 13 year old dacshund and his "complete blood panel" came back normal and his heart and lungs sound good.
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It absolutely sounds like a dental problem and I completely agree with the treatment plan your vet proposes.  Some dogs tend to build up more tartar than others (just like humans) and need some extra dental care during their lives.  The tartar eventually causes gum disease which in turns causes a lot of pain while eating.  If an abscess was present, I assume your dog's white cell count would be elevated on the CBC labs.  Since it isn't, gum disease is the likely culprit.  Either way, anesthesia appears to be the only way your vet can get a good look at what's going on.  Thanks for taking such good care of your friend.  :-)
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thanks.  in the back of my head i am worried that it could be cancer...  he only eats a little bit every day now and he use to be food aggressive.  at times it seems like he really has an appetite and will get a little bit of food down and other times he is just turning his nose up at people food that he would normally love!  he will not even look at canned dog food, we've tryed different types.  the other day he would eat some liverwurst but today he won't.  yesterday he would eat fish (just the fish portion from burger king) so i'm going to try that again.  i know this is not good food for dogs but i'm just trying to get some calories in him as he has always been naturally slender.  his dental is tomorrow and i'm hoping this will resolve the problem and he will eat normally again.  again, he over chews his food and sometimes has food fall out of his mouth.  i'm hoping this is just a dental problem...    
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Definitely sounds like it can be a dental issue to me also and glad you are getting that done.  Hopefully, his appetite will improve after the cleaning.  Otherwise, sounds like he is is pretty good health for that age.  
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This very much does sound like a dental problem. I bet when he gets all this fixed -he will thank you for it! I would like to bet after a few days his appetite will return.(his mouth could feel a little sore the first day or two) Let's hope so. I do think this will happen.
There is one small thing though. He has become used to being hand fed. Dogs are very "routine based", and so he may have got used to this ritual.
Anyway -if he's hungry enough (and I am sure he will want to make up for lost dinners!) he should chow down sometime soon!
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well, he ate a very small amount of hills prescription h/d canned food.  other then that he only ate a very small amount of fish earlier.  he has no interest in food...  tomorrow is his dental appt which he will be put under anestesia for.  i thank you all for your comments...  PLEASE, if anyone else has had similar issues with their older dog please let me know if it was dental related or something else.  i am so worried right now.  my anxiety is horrible as i'm afraid it may be somthing worse...  ;-(
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