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My dog

Hello, i was wondering what i should do about my new dog i just bought a couple days ago from the SPCA. Shes 1 and a half & shes a miniature poodle cross mix. Anyways, I was wondering if anyone can help because i think something is wrong with her because she has been sneezing, not eating & not drinking much and has been shaking a little while making weird sounds ? I was wondering if anyone could help.
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Hello Tanis.....There IS something VERY wrong! Have you not taken your new girl to the Vet for this? Did you get any medical receipts for procedures that the SPCA did on your dog? Normally, there is a medical check, spay/neuter and vaccines.....You should have copies of any of that....Did your dog get any treatment while there? If you do not know, call them and ask...

This dog sounds very ill & you need to establish a Vet (If you don't already have one) & call them for an appointment TODAY.....Most rescues (Including SPCA) suggest a Check up with your own Vet after adoption......Normally, it's anywhere up to two weeks or so, just to make sure.....

This Sounds like a respiratory infection going on.....Common in shelter dogs....However, pneumonia can be a result if left untreated......Pneumonia causes respiratory distress (Weird sounds) & death if left untreated....Oral or injectable antibiotics (From your Vet) are used to treat.....

This girl is depending on you for help.....Please do not wait any longer...She needs a doctor, fast......Hurry---Make the call, now!  Keep us updated & good luck.......Thank you for adopting......Karla
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Karla is absolutely correct, your puppy is VERY ill and needs to be seen by a vet IMMEDIATELY!  Please post back and let us know what your vet says.

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