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My dogs have swollen glands

My dog and puppy have swollen glands what could couse this to happen 1 1\2 and a 8 mouth old
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Where are the swollen glands located?  Same location on the dogs? More then one area? Any other symptoms such as lethargy, loss of appetite, etc?
Yes, Lymphoma is akways a concern but I qyestion this as you have two young dogs affected at the same time.  Swollen lymph nodes are caused by infection going on somewhere inside the body.  Localized nodes can be from an infection close to that area.  An example might be a tooth infection causing swollen nodes under the jaw, etc.
Fkeas, ticks and parasites can cause lymph glands to swell from infection.
Your best course of action is to take them in to your Vet for an exam and possible blood work.  IF it were Lymphoma, often a needle aspiration can be done and sent out for diagnosis.
Good luck and please come back to update.
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I see that you started a new post after posting to a 4 year
old post...thanks as this would be seen and answered a
lot sooner.
You may have missed the post on the old one from Ghilly
BUT THE SAME information would apply today... I've
copied and repasted it for you in case you did not see it?

"You need to get your dog to the vet.  Worry about what it
COULD be after you find out what it IS.  Swollen glands in
dogs can be caused by anything from something fairly minor,
like tonsillitis (yes, dogs do have tonsils) to very serious ill-
nesses like canine lymphoma (cancer), so make an appoint-
ment so that she can be seen as soon as you can.  Please
let us know what the vet said."
Excellent advice from Ghilly,time to take BOTH of your fur
kids in for an examination,this is something that needs to BE
SEEN in person by your vet to evaluate.
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