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My dog's sick.

Hi, my dog doesn't seems to be active anymore. He used to play a lot, but just isn't active anymore. He's suffering from cold from 3 months, I took him to vet several times, he diagnosed it but didn't get it any better.The vet advised to wait till summer so it would just go away. But one day, he spitted blood from his mouth. And from that day, he isn't active anymore, he just lies down, sleeps and eats normal. He doesn't really wags his tail much either. I took him to vet again, he suggested that their might be a tumour developing in his nose but he can't be sure of that either. Any idea what might be the reason? I've already decided to get him diagnosed for tumour but I'd like to know why isn't he active anymore. Plus he couldn't breathe from his nose anymore, he just opens his mouth and makes weird sounds like when we do while sleeping. I want to know reason for all this and why isn't he active anymore.

His name is tuffy and is 3 years old.
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It sounds like your dog is sick and I don't know why the Vet said it was due to cold.  A cold or cold weather?  The presence of blood and him mouth breathing is not a good sign.  Has your Vet done any blood work or a chest x-Ray?  These tests should be done.  I assume your Vet plans to do a scope of the nasal passages and throat?  This could be anything from something stuck in the nose to an infection to a growth of some kind.  He isn't active because he is obviously feeling ill.  At least he is eating.  I suggest you just keep him quiet and have those tests done ASAP.  You might seek an opinion from another Vet.
Good luck
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Thanks for your answer. The thing is, here in Kanpur (Where I live), we only have 2 vets and none of them have any kinds of equipments required to do xray/ultrasound, the just assume everything. The closest clinic with those equipments is around 90kms away. He's suffering from cold, his nose is coming out and stuffs like that. He only spitted blood one day when he barked a lot for some reason.

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I am sorry you don't have access to better Vet care.  I don't know what else to suggest.
Possibly someone else will come up with something.
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He's better now, he's getting diagnosed for tumor and it was confirmed that he had an outgrowth in his nasal passage. He's active all over again, wags his tail, looks happy and asks for food :D By the way, vet didn't advice any kind of surgery instead he's injecting some medicines for 2 days, 2 injections a day both at the same time, one after the other. So, is it necessary to remove tumor by surgery or would it just go away with these medicines? I asked vet he said it would just go away. Is it true?
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I really wish I could be more encouraging but really don't know what you are dealing with and you can't get the diagnostic tests done.  Perhaps the Vet is injecting steroids that may reduce the size.  Hope it works.
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Unfortunately he was diagnosed with cancer and it came out it had already spread to different body parts. Tuffy died today at an age of 3 and I'm in tears.
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I AM SO VERY SORRY for the loss of your buddy!
WE ARE NEVER ready to feel the loss of a beloved companion and
loved pet.
This is a terrible time for you as you are the one left behind,your fur baby
has crossed and I am sure the loss is horrible as I have been there far
too many times over the years with my fur babies...I understand...Tuffy
is never far from you as long as you hold him in your heart...again...
I AM SO SORRY you lost your beloved Tuffy!  LOVING THOUGHTS...
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I am just reading this and sorry to hear the sad news.  It is difficult to lose our loved pets and especially at such a young age.  Having better Vet care may or may not have made a difference but you did what you could for him.  Find comfort in the time you had together.
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