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My little Dachshund need help, Please~

Hello, My dachshund Daisy had a litter of puppies on Aug 16th 2008 and when they were about 9 weeks old, the 2 femals got lunps/bumps on their throat up by the back of the jaw bone, At 1st I thought it was a bad tooth, I took them to my vet, who said they had staph infection, gave me meds for them and sent me home, a week later and they were looking way worse, so back to vet I went, This time one of the puppies had the lumps on both sides of throat and around her mouth, the 2nd puppie had them around her neck and on her back by shoulders, Vet told me they may bust open and drain, and they have, She gave me a stronger med for them both, in a shot form, They have went through a 10 day dose and are now on a 2nd 10 day dose, The lumps become very large about the size of a quarter or bigger and then bust open and bloody puss like stuff drains from them, I have been giving them a bath in Dial soap, which vet said was ok, But I am very scared as to what this really is and will it affect my family, I feel so bad for them and am at a loss. Please help me, Is this correct on vets part or is it something else, like cancer?
Thank You & God Bless, Tracy
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No, it's not cancer, but I have no idea why the pups have such horrible infections so early in life.  I think the best information you'll get is from the vets on the Ask a Vet forum here at Med Help.  Scroll far down on the right side of this page and click on the "Ask a Vet (Pet Health)" link.
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