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My male dog is dripping blood from his penis, should I worry?

My 8 year old, male, labrador cross springer spaniel, is dripping blood occasionally from his penis. About a month or so ago we found some odd drops of blood on the floor but we couldn't tell where it came from or who it came from (we have two dogs), but last night there was some blood again and we found some blood left on his penis. Should we worry?
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bring him to your vet now !!!
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This could be a possible bladder infection or bladder
stones,left untreated infections can cause other
issues and stones can cause pain.
Dripping even a little blood is a warning sign...
Your vet would need to collect a "clean sample" by
using a catheter to look for stones,bacteria and see
if crystals are in the urine.( so you can't collect a urine
sample at home due to contamination)
It could also be a prostate issue but you can not know
until you take him in to your vet for evaluation/testing
so he can be treated.There is NO "home treatment"
that will correct this,he needs to make a trip to his vet
as soon as possible in order to get help.
I hope he makes a quick recovery and gets back to his "ole happy self very soon.
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Agree with Janis. Definitely something that should be checked.
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