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My pup was diagnosed with low grade lymphoma 4 days ago.

My dog was diagnosed with low grade lymphoma 4 days ago, he has one tumor in his lymph node on his neck. I have had my dog for 10 years he's my child. I would like to know if anyone has had a similar diagnoses and what treatment plan they put their dog on? I really do not want to poison or drug my dog with prenasone or chemotherapy, I do want him to be as healthy as possible and happy, he is in great shape aside from his tumor (per his oncologist). My dog has a cyst aspiration 10 days ago, his regular vet was not in that day and the Dr. who say Bailey said to me that it was an infected lymph node and put him on Keflex, when I brought my dog back to see his regular vet I was told the cyst aspiration is only 50% accurate that's the day he had a biopsy, I wanted to make sure to include that so another person doesn't get false hope like I did. The thought of seeing my dog sick and in pain one day is breaking my heart, I would appreciate any input or information anyone has about low grade lymphoma.

Thank you
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I dealt with Lymphoma in a Greyhound.  Opted not to do Chemo or Pred or another drug therapy available.  I only did a special diet and supplements.  He lived another 6 months, past the survival estimate.  He continued to have a good quality of life until one lymph glad got so large it was affecting his swallowing and I was pretty sure the Cancer had spread.  I then helped him to peacefully pass over to the Bridge.  
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Wow, I swore I responded to this.  Late now, will try tomorrow
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Can they not remove the lymph node? I understand your choice of no chemo, but the pred., I would reconsider to keep the inflammation down as long as possible.........Let us know what happens, please...
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