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My puppy has Parvo but there is no vet clinic where I live

My 2 puppies (both 2 mos and 7 days old) had died because of Parvo. The last one is showing symptoms, beerus is 6.6 lbs.
He drinks water but refuses all sort of foods, I tried offering him chicken broth and still doesn't want it. I am giving him pedialyte, antibiotic called dogbiotic, and Metoclopramide hci. It was adviced by the owners of a dog who are parvo survivors. He pooped bloody diarrhea once today and stopped vomitting now. Today is is 3rd-4th day. If there is vet in our place we might have taken him, atleast for a check up because I am pretty I couldn't afford hospitalization, but no, nothing like that here and it stresses every petlovers here. We live in a rural place though. I just want to know if I am doing right for home care and what should I add for the treatment. I just lost my two furbabies(Aiko and Zeno), I want to help beerus, and please help me.
Anyway, my two year old small dog had had parvo before when she was 5 months old, and survived it,( I thank God for that.) Will she be able to get infected again? (I hope not) She is sometimes coughing and now running a fever. I usually find her outside in a very hot weather sitting on the ground (I live in Philippines), does that have to do with what she is feeling now? Sometimes mucus in her eyes comes out. She sometimes eat a little but she do drinks water. She has no diarrhea. What to do to make her feel better again?
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his is awful. I posted you a long detailed reply last night, checked it had posted (it had) then come back here today and it has disappeared!!

I will try again.

You are doing your very best for Beerus right now. If he were in a vet clinic, that is more or less all they could do. An antibiotic and fluid therapy.

If he is keeping the fluids down then that is a good thing. Always give small amounts of fluid very very often, and that will mean in the night too.
Don't worry too much that he can't eat. With Parvo the whole gut lining becomes very inflamed and unable to cope with food. But if you can get him to drink some water in which meat or chicken has been cooked that will be nutritious.
If you can, get some chicken pieces, or even the left-over carcasse of a chicken (after people have eaten the meat) and cook that up in water for a couple of hours, then strain it and cool it and try him with that.
Alternatively you can use fish. It will be better for him if you use water in which the bones and connective tissues have also cooked. With fish, that will include the head, and bones.
But be careful to completely strain out any bones before giving it to him.

He will lose a lot of weight and you must be prepared for him to become quite skinny.
If the chicken stock stays down and he is interested in it, then you could slowly introduce solds into that "stock" water, such as some plain boiled rice (not much at first -see how his digestion handles it) If he can eat it and that stays down, try some very small pieces of well-cooked chicken or white fish in with the liquid.

I had a dog who survived Parvo. She got it when she was age 4, just before I rescued her. She went on to have a healthy happy life for 11 more years. She also lost a lot of weight during it and in her recovery I also fed her those foods.
It took a while or her appetite to come back, and it was important to give her plain bland nuritious cooked foods only, especially at first. NO dry kibble!

When a dog has had Parvo, they will be immune to that particular strain of the disease for the rest of their lives. But I hear there are also other strains.
It can sometimes leave them with a slight weakness in the digestive system, but not always.

Not all dogs will survive though. So please try your best and I hope your Beerus will be one of the lucky ones. It sounds like you are doing the right treatments for him, so long as he doesn't vomit up the fluids and medications you give him.
Blessings to him, and I will say a prayer for his healing.

I will answer about your other dog in a moment....I will just post this first.

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Hello again Ringchan,
About your other dog, the two year old female...has she ever been vaccinated against Distemper when she was a puppy, with a series of vaccinations -the last one being about 16 weeks old?

I obviously cannot diagnose over the internet, and am not a vet anyway, but check her temperature if you have a thermometer which you can thoroughly disinfect after use or which you can use only for the dogs....as that will be an anal temperature reading.

If she is running a high fever, that is  102 or higher degrees fahrenheit or over 39 degrees Celsius, then with her other symptoms, I am concerned she may have Distemper possibly.
If she has had her shots as a puppy and the final one at 16 weeks, then that is unlikely. But if she is unvaccinated, it is possible.

Distemper is a viral infection and very common in unvaccinated dogs. It is a serious condition, but as with Parvo, some do survive it. Again as with Parvo, there is no actual "cure" and the only treatment is dedicated nursing care, a broad spectrum antibiotic, fluid therapy, and treatment of symptoms as best as possible.
Then it is a question of time, and the dog's immune strength.

Distemper often starts with a high fever for a few days, with runny nose, pus in the eyes, little appetite -though some dogs will eat -and general malaise.
Then that can get better suddenly.
But then it comes back again usually about 8-10 days later, with a new fever, and often diarrhea, vomiting,  and coughing.
There can be neurological symptoms too and hardening of the skin on the nose, and the foot pads.

I don't want to upset you as some of the information online about distemper is upsetting. But it might be wise for you to look this up, and then you will be prepared if that pattern of illness occurs.

And the only thing you can do will be high level nursing care throughout, with the same kind of treatments as you are using for Parvo. That is all you can do.

It may well not be Distemper. It may be some other infection and hopefully something passing. You could try starting her on a broad spectrum antibiotic (such as Amoxycillin or similar) twice a day at reguarly-spaced timings -say every 12 hours, and give her that for 5 days. If it cures her -great! It means she didn't have Distemper. And even if she has it will certainly help. But you will have to get advice about how long to continue giving her the antibiotic if that's the case, as I am not sure...

I also hope she will be okay. I send you my kindest thoughts for both your sick dogs.
Hello! It's been more than a month. Thank you very very much for replying. I was not able to open it because of slow internet connection and somewhat forget about my post. Still, thank you very much.
I want to share to you that the week after I posted my question, Beerus improved. He started drinking water and later started eating food by himself.
Nami too. Her fever disappeared and started eating too and now, thanks to God they're both playing and very energetic.
Beerus just had his anti Rabies shot last week and will be turning 4 months old today.
Again, thank you very much for your advice and msy you have a happy life with your family.
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Oh blessings to Beerus and Nami! I am so glad to hear they are both so much beter now! That is great news.
Thank you so much for posting back and letting us know how they are.

Kindest thoughts for you and your family also, and dear Beerus and Nami
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